Written translations

Written translations make up the majority of our activities. It is essential that our translations convey the message in
such a way that they read like the original text. We take particular care to ensure that the statements and the
meaning in the text we deliver mirrors the original text as accurately as possible, so the reader is left with the same
impression as readers of the original text.

Specialty areas that are new to us can pose a particular challenge. The translator must obtain substantial expertise
and the necessary information (terminology, process flow, etc.) about a given field in order to properly understand a
text and to be able to shape the translation correspondingly. For this reason, it is vital that thorough research
concerning the respective area and its specific content be done before undertaking any such new project.

Still, a good translation demands more than just expert knowledge about a particular field. Knowledge about the
readers' culture is just as necessary - if not even more so - since cultural differences often require the reformulation of
certain modes of expression. This makes it important that each translation is carried out by a native speaker.

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